Saturday, November 3, 2007


Update on jumble , after a visit to the vet he is pronounced fit and well , the vet thought he was only eight weeks old so we still have no idea how old he realy is . He has settles down realy well with the other dogs and they are all eating and sleeping together now .
He is learning how to sit and seems to catch on realy quickley.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The arrival of Jumble .

Yesterday was lovely , the sun was shining so Frank and I decided to go out for the day , we wanted to go to Messac to a boat yard that we had read about . We were having a good run in the car admiring the changing colour of the trees and the landscape when my well known map reading skills kicked in and we got lost .
We were on a busy road in the middle of nowhere when in the distance we could see something in the middle of the road not moving , at first we thought it was a dead fox cub but as we got nearer it became apparent that it was a puppy we did not know if it was alive or dead when it suddenley moved . We stopped and some of the other cars slowed down and then drove off , one white van driver made some very rude gestures and than drove over the top of the puppy befor driving off .
There were no houses anywhere near where we found him , and after a good examination he did not appear to be badly hurt apart from a bloody nose and mouth , so as predicted we brought him home , tomorrow we will take him to the vets just to make sure everything is ok .
The other dogs are a bit wary but all our animals are so good natured that I think they will settle down together .
He is named Jumble after Just Williams dog as he appears to be a bit of a jumble of several different breeds .

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn is here the days are getting colder and the leaves are turning colour and falling off the trees , today as I look out of the window the sun is shining and last night there was a big crescent moon in the sky .
The farmers are harvesting the maize so the roads are muddy and there are huge tractors and trailors everywhere , but this is life in the country .

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quiet time

I love tuesdays .
On a tuesday afternoon I go out to a nearby village to do crafty things, today it is quilting next week it will be knitting.
I was looking forward to a nice quiet morning as Frank was going out but the van would not start again ( silly old fool left the lights on ) so instead of my nice quiet morning I have the pleasure of my husbands company.
I hope to start the new quilt this afternoon more about that later.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good news

Good news Frances passed her theory for the driving test this morning, what a relief last time she failed and it cost 275 euros for her to take it again. As you can imagine she is very pleased but tired as we had to be at the test centre befor eight oclock this morning . I will be taking her back to school soon and then she will be home for the weekend tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

odds and ends

Frank has had man flu for the past wek which he has now very kindles passed onto me but of course I am not as ill as he was .

We are supplementary feeding four kittens at the moment that the mother appears to have taken a dislike to , pound for pound they have to be the noisyest animals on the planet ,Frank has just gone to feed them and it sounds like the feeding of the five thousand .

I hope shortley to learn how to post photographs so there will be lots of pictures of animals .

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Quilting and problems there of

Its tuesday so its quilting class , the first quilt I made was for my youngest grandson Alexander , it realy was a labour of love , I did not know what I was doing so I started sewing it by hand so I had to finish by hand .It took for ever that was when I decided that I was going to learn how to machine quilt.
I wanted to make a quilt for my daughter Frances 18 birthday in January and I realy should have started it by now but that is where the problems come in . First of all getting the material, there are very few quilt shops in this part of france and they are very expensive , a friend and I were going to go to a shop in a large town about an hour and a half away but the day we were due to go I wasnt well so it was put on hold .I hope that we will be able to rearrange it soon or I will never get started.
In the mean time we are sewing a quilt in class called Grandmothers Flower Garden which when it is finishes will be presented to the village to raise funds .